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Improve the Measurement of Your Digital Healthcare Marketing Campaigns

Published by Influence Health


Do your healthcare marketing metrics help you make the most of your digital marketing budget?

Download your copy of this new white paper from Influence Health, authored by Michael Sengbusch.

As healthcare marketers how do we know what to count? Are we counting things purely because they are countable? Are we on a quest to count metrics that are beyond our control or out of reach?

Are we making choices based on metrics that really have no effect on healthcare decisions? Are we counting metrics that are only relevant in other industries?

In this white paper, you’ll get an incredibly thorough and practical framework on how to measure your healthcare marketing campaigns on their:

  • Targeting, leveraging the amazing segmentation of digital channels like Facebook
  • Reach, including how quickly and frequently the target market is exposed to your campaign
  • Engagement, and the differences between search and social for key metrics
  • Influence of healthcare decisions, and the nuances of the many types of conversions we must consider in healthcare.
  • Budget efficiency, and the ratios between 3 metrics required to track it.

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